Introduction: I want to feel alive.


Some girls want their fifty- but I’ll take my dark and twisty.

I am of the firm belief that it takes many different kinds of people to completely fulfill a person intellectually and otherwise. Just take a look at your friendships- you might have a best friend who you consider your closest ally- but you don’t just abandon the notion of friends or acquaintances altogether do you? No. That’s because we NEED other people in our lives to meet our social needs.

I don’t think it’s any different in relationships. One partner may satisfy you sexually but completely lacks in your emotional needs. Or perhaps you have a partner that scratches the surface of each but find yourself lusting after someone who matches you strongly in one particular category.

This is normal. It’s just human nature. This is why so many people cheat.

Don’t get me wrong- I recognize that dishonesty is inherently a character flaw. I get it. I agree with you. I just don’t particularly care all that much. Does that make me an awful person? Potentially. Or it makes me human, raw, and real.

Regardless- I’ve jumped head first into a journey to the land of the dark and twisty. And I want to document every second. Because if for no other reason- I feel alive.


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