The Wolf and The Cage

The caged she wolf is looking at me expectantly.   She wants out. She wants to play. I’ve fortified the steel enclosing her so that it’s harder for her to escape this time. She doesn’t appreciate this very much, but I gently try to inform her it’s for the best.

Now she is hurt. Her big eyes look at me longingly. She promises me she won’t be out for very long. She will be better this time. If I let her out on her own accord she won’t be so frenzied. She begs me for a time limit. An hour or two each day? She’s hungry she begs.

I can feel my heart pull seeing her anguish. I’m sorry little she wolf. It isn’t worth the risk.

“Can you get a leash?” She says.

“You would never be satisfied with a leash.” I reply. “I did not train you to walk alongside of me.”

“Can we try?” she persists.

I shake my head no.

“Why not?”

“Because it isn’t safe.”

“I don’t want to be in a cage anymore. It hurts. I can’t breathe in here. I am not free. I want to be free.”

I walk over to the cage and kneel beside her. I slowly move my hand in between the bars of steel to pat her head. She snarls at first, ready to attack. Then she relaxes as I slowly rub behind her ears. This I can provide- quiet comfort and understanding.

“I know little wolf. I know. It is not the time or the place yet. We are not safe here. We cannot run free yet. But I promise I will not abandon you.”


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