A Little Negotiation

We’ve started rehearsals for the musical. I was cast as a member of the ensemble. Lame, but expected.  Then I find out my Mr. Exec will be running the sound board.  The lighting designer tosses this out to me casually.  I think she wants me up in the booth.  She states she wasn’t sure I’d take the role so she hasn’t offered my perch to anyone yet.  The prospect of sharing the booth with him again was alluring, but I figured I would be much safer on stage.

Recently, I’ve had some issues with my work.  For a period of time it seemed as though my company was about to go under.  I was furiously applying for jobs and finally landed an interview with a local company. The interview went quite well and I was offered a job- but the salary was much less than my current position.  I had informed my boss about the offer, and he assured me that I would be able to eek out additional funds form the head hancho if I negotiated with him on the following Monday.

I hate negotiating.

I was preparing to ask for nearly a 20k jump in salary.  The most I have ever bargained for.  It would still leave me underpaid, as far as industry standards go, but it would be enough to keep me on. However, I’m not the best negotiator.  So what does one do when they need a little help from their friends? Post about it on Facebook of course!

Lo and behold, my Mr. Exec responded. It wasn’t hard, he said, just be firm and direct.  They can take it or leave it.  I commented in response that he must be offering to get together to coach me on the process.  He replied back that he was the toughest coach around, so if I wanted to go the difficult route he was the guy. ‘

I reached out to him directly over messenger to arrange a time.  His wife was out of town for the weekend so we ended up chatting a little bit back and forth.  He mentioned a few times that he was drinking.  I knew this had the potential to get a bit awkward, but I pressed on. Because I was curious. And because I wanted him.

I started to drink myself.  I was going to stay sober and maintain a clear head but I’m never very good at following my self-proclaimed limitations. We ended up in a conversation about my goals in life.  Work, relationships, and otherwise.  I made a conscious decision to answer honestly.  If he wanted to pick up on the bait it would be dangling right in front of him.

Of course, he did.

We moved our conversation over to Skype, under bogus usernames to help preserve some mutual anonymity.  We confessed our attraction for one another.  It had started for both of us back when we shared the booth together. I asked him if he’d ever had an affair before.  He alluded that this wasn’t his first trip around the merry-go-round.  That he had skeletons that would blow my mind. Uh-huh. Try me mister.

At this point it seemed as though something happening between us was pretty imminent.  We both were quite clear that we wanted it to.  He requested that I meet him at his house, instead of some place public like a bar.  I let him know he wasn’t getting laid, but that a kiss would be in order.  He replied that he was a gentleman first and foremost- and that this was totally fine with him.

After a few more confessions of lust back and forth we parted ways for the evening.  I slept quite well that night.

My next adventure awaited me the following morning.  And I was ready.


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