I had assumed that my dear Mr. Exec was no stranger to the land of affairs. He’s confident.  In control.  Very smooth.  Delicious.

That sort of confidence doesn’t just randomly occur.  It’s something you earn. After stumbling a few too many times.  Or at least, that’s what I thought.

We are smoking after our little weekly meeting (I love that this is becoming routine!).

We are chatting about relationships and all their various intricacies.

We get on the topic of us.

“Well, I’m just hoping that however it goes- it doesn’t go sour. I wouldn’t like that. I like you in my life.” He says seriously.  No Mr. Exec smirk with a chuckle. He means it.

I smile at him. “It won’t. I’m well suited for this type of thing.  I will make sure it’s nothing but lovely.”

He smiles back.  “Good.  I just don’t know what to expect.  I haven’t done this before.”

I take a literal step back and balk at him.

“You mean it’s only been about sex before?”  My eyes narrow as I study his face.

“No.  I’ve never done this.  Ever. I’ve had emotional affairs.  Those were painful.  But I’ve never let it go this far. I’ve never had both.” His face is serious again.  It’s so strange to witness him this way.  He is never serious. Everything is a joke.  It’s one of the things that irks me about him, honestly. Won’t you let us in on the joke Mr. Exec?

“You’ve never had an actual affair before?” I am in disbelief.  I can feel a small smirk start to play upon my face.  It sounds so delicious to me. First. I’m his first.


“So I’m your… first.”

“Yes.” He leans in and kisses me, his arm wrapping around my lower back pulling me closer to him.  (God, I love it when men do this.) “Does that surprise you?” He lets me go.

“Honestly? It really does.” My eyes narrow again.

“I’m not lying to you.”

He sees me.

“I suppose not. Interesting.”

“Yes.  I’m enjoying our adventure so far.”

“Good. As you should.”

And with that I escort him out of my apartment. Sharing quick kisses on the way to the door.

The air between us has shifted again.  It feels more familiar than it should.  Feels less like lust pressed hard up against you with your back to a wall. And more like that feeling you get when you crawl into your bed after a long day and pull the covers slowly over your head.  You melt.  It’s warm, and slightly heavy. Comfortable.

I love to watch him leave.  He’s so happy when he goes.  I know that I’ve performed well, and I will take his delicious energy and let it carry me into the rest of the week.



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