For you it is so fucking easy.

You get to lay in bed next to your wife each night.  Nefarious thoughts of me running through your mind.

I’m the dirty little secret you love to keep.

And for me it is often torture.

I dance the line between saying too much and not nearly enough.

I must keep your interest.

But why?

You are not a prize to be had.

I knew this about you before I ever began.  I wanted your high.  Your nothing.  Your ruminations.

I wanted you to be like him… My Dark and Twisty.

Yet you are nothing like him.  You aren’t intelligent.  You aren’t dazzling in the way that he was. And you don’t love me like he did.  You don’t love me at all.

You. Are. Nothing.

And yet, here I am.

I continue the game…

Because I want to know more…

I must know everything about you.

What circumstance made you what you are.  Will you ever change? Are you capable of loving?

What. Even. Are. You?

I want to break through your walls.  I will break through your walls.  I will be like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Give me your nothing. So that I can understand, sir.


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