It is 2:45 PM. He was supposed to be here by 2:30 PM.

I was glad that he chose a later time, because I had work to finish.

My boss is gone for the day and I am finally caught up.  And yet, Mr. Exec is nowhere to be found. It’s unlike him to be late.

I debate over whether to send him a Skype.  But I may have other available options should he not be able to make it.  And I need a good fucking one way or another.  My succubus meter is dangerously low.

Me: Are we still on for today?


Him (@ 3:00 ): Meeting dragged very very late

Me: So, no go today?

Him:  No…soooooooo sorry

Me:  No worries. *thumbs up emoji*

Him: Oh I worry


I soooooooo wanted to see u today

I’ll see you tonight

*heart eye emoji*


I sign out. Classic.

I have to sign back in because I’m confused by his last statement.  What does he mean he will see me tonight?  Is he coming to rehearsal?

I ask him.

Of course, he is.  He can’t wait to see me, he says.

I’m annoyed.

I reach out to my Mr. Unicorn for some hate fuckery.  He can’t get away from work early enough to not arouse suspicion.

Pfft. Married Men.

I do not enjoy being canceled on.  For one, I’m a stickler for a schedule.  I like to know when things are going to happen.  It’s about control.  And two, I am not supposed to be the type of woman you cancel on.

The strength of my game is waning.

I decide to nap in lieu of sexual entertainment, as I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep the night prior.  Too busy cleaning for Mr. Exec’s arrival.  Fucker.

Mr. Exec and his wife arrive to rehearsal later than myself.  He seems to be in a heightened state.  I smirk, because I know that’s the high I’m giving him.  That our little adventure is giving him.  It’s making him cocky.  It buzzes through his entire body.


He sits next to me and asks me how my day went.  He doesn’t speak quietly.  No, he wants to get a thrill out of others being able to hear. I tell him it was fairly run of the mill, and I’m glad it’s Friday.  He rambles on about a meeting he was supposed to go to today that he was greatly looking forward to.  He’s disappointed that his other meeting ran so long and he was unable to attend. It set a negative tone for the entire weekend, he claims.

I want to roll my eyes, but I don’t.

He stares at me expecting me to say that I had a meeting I was hoping to attend also.

I say nothing at all.

Our run through begins and I am ever aware of his eyes on me.  It makes me nervous but I struggle through the choreography as though nothing is different. I use my DT to push me through. During our racier number, I allow myself to let loose.  I let Ms. A take over.  She’s happy to have her moment in the spotlight. I sneak glances at him and his eyes are firmly set on me.  I smirk.

During notes after the run through his wife takes the seat next to him.  She is sitting across the aisle from me.  I anxiously bounce a phone charger in my hand.  One of my castmates remarks I must be a smoker.  I laugh nervously and admit, yes, I am and that I do want one.

Mr. Exec isn’t over the top with his wife tonight, which is a nice change from his usual behavior around me.  He does place a hand on her leg at one point.  When he catches me watching.  I stare at the ring on his finger.

Nothing special.

He is, nothing special.



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