More, More, More

He has been desperately messaging me since rehearsal on Friday.  Our normal tempo is 1x each day.  Just a simple wave.  Or a hearteyes emoji. Simple. Trivial.  Just a “hey- I’m thinking about you” type of deal.

But he’s upped the ante.


“Hello pretty lady.”

“I want to see you as soon as possible next week.”

“Check your schedule.”

“Are you there?”

“Did you check your schedule?”

“Okay, so I freed up the entire week.  I’d like to see you every day if possible.”

“How was the show tonight?”

I finally respond.

“The show was amazing.  Live music is like nothing else.  We danced and sang and rocked the night away. You missed a good one. I’ll get back to you about my schedule. Xoxo.”

“Glad you had a good time.”


“Good morning, pretty lady.”

“About that schedule.”

“I’d love to see you.”

I respond that I’m curious as to why he wants to see me so much suddenly.

“Can’t I just want to spend some time with you?”

I respond that yes, he can, it’s just out of character for him.  I promise to let him know as soon as I am able.

I’ve grown accustomed to our later weekday dates.  Time to plan.  Tomorrow is too early. I enjoy my private space more than I like to let on.

To let someone in, even a little bit, might be too much for me.











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