One Step Closer

I am a party of one.

But I see so much potential.

Every time I wipe the tears of a newly single woman who has been jilted by yet another fuck-twat I become hopeful.

She’s one step closer.

One step closer to refusing to give up any more of herself to an unworthy member of the male species.

One step closer to wanting revenge.

One step closer to rebuilding herself.

To fight with the demons

I purchased some additional armor.  I’m waiting for someone who’s the right size.

Won’t anyone come out and play with me?

These men will take, and take, and take. Until we fight back. Until we put our foot down.

Until we turn the tables on their wicked games.

With every broken promise.

With every unanswered text.

With every “I’m sorry- it’s not you- it’s me.”

You are one step closer.

One step closer.

To complete.

And utter.









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