You Make Me Better

When I’m around you I want to become the absolute best version of myself.

So that I can shine bright.

You will be forced to watch as I refuse to yield any of that to you.

You push against it.

You try to wriggle your arms around my waist.

To capture me.

To disrobe me.

And force me to walk naked through the crowd.

You have been playing the game for so long that you forgot what it was like to have a suitable opponent.

You stray from strong and confident women because you know you can’t manipulate them.

You see me as that shy, girl-next-door type.  An easy mark.

But you don’t realize that you were merely looking at my mask.

There is more underneath.

I know your number.

I’ve got the time.

I’m a warrior with many battle scars, but my weapon is sharp.

And baby, I’m out for blood.


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