Rule No. 16: Like Diamonds.

It sometimes bothers me that not a whole lot of people in the world are attempting to live an enlightened life.  They accept things as they are with no need or want to understand/change them.  Perhaps they are the true masters of the safety bubble.  After all- how can you be unsafe when you are blissfully ignorant?

Must be nice.

I want to tell them all to wake up.  To help them spot the lies they tell, the lies others tell.  To help them understand why they do this or that.  Or to help them understand another’s motivations.  I want to see them grow.  So that I can grow too.

But people aren’t interested in growing.

No, growing is not safe.  We must remain safe.  Do not challenge. Make yourself small. Nod your head.

I have done this my whole life.  And I’m tired of it.  No more.

Is introspection really that terrifying?  Are we so afraid to see what is behind the mask? Behind the mirror?  True, it isn’t always pretty.  But that’s sort of the point.  We are all H U M A N after all.  We have flaws.  Imperfections.  Isms.  We are a product of both society and biology.  Both of which can be cruel or less than pleasant.

I hope to meet others like me some day.  Others that are not okay with accepting things simply as they are.  Who wish to make a radical change and live a little differently from the rest of the herd. I know they are out there.  This is not an unoriginal thought.

Rugged individualism.  Our country was founded on it.  So why have we suddenly switched to homogenization?


Shine bright like a diamond, baby.  (Yes that was a Rhianna reference- so sue me!)


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